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Depression and the Feeling of Worthlessness

Depression is different for different people. We all feel it in different ways, or it makes us feel different emotions to different degrees; however, one thing that does often happen for most people dealing with depression is that it impacts their feeling of self-worth. This leaves many people with depression feeling totally worthless or as though they don't pull their own weight either in general or in specific situations. Your sense of self-worth is flawed and you cannot see value in who you are or what you do for yourself or others. Whether you feel like you take and take and take from those around you, or like you contribute nothing to a group, feelings of worthlessness are quite common among those those suffering from depression.

These feelings of worthlessness can be triggered by any number of things, from past trauma to other mental health issues, to blaming yourself for any failures or faults, and so on. These feelings can make depression a true battle for those experiencing it. The feelings are difficult to bear, and like depression itself, can push you closer and closer to the edge. There are, however, a few tips you can try to help mitigate this feeling of worthlessness. These tips are not guaranteed to work everyone, as everyone is different and depression is a difficult minefield of mitigation techniques as it is. A few things worth trying to help shift the feelings of worthlessness, however, include:

This one isn't for everyone, but meditation in some people can help keep that internal balance in check and bring their emotions in line to the point of being, not necessarily "cured" of their depression, but capable of moving forward at the time. It is a good way to focus the mind and try to distract from those feelings of worthlessness by trying to focus on positivity, strength and so on.

Positive Self-Talk / Writing
Whether you prefer to talk to yourself for a bit or write your feelings down, positive writing or positive talking can be a good way to reinforce your good qualities and help to remind yourself that you are indeed a worthwhile, cared for person. Depression takes those feelings away from us and makes our self-worth plummet, but forcing yourself to list your positive attributes and personality facets can help to show your brain that you are worthwhile and you do have people around you that care for you. A little bit of positivity can go a long, long way.

Again, these aren't one-stop answers for all people and not every method is going to work for everyone, but some people definitely see benefits to their mental health and depression with a bit of exercise. Getting the body moving, distracting from the problems of the world, can keep the brain on a positive wave length and provide that little energy boost to keep moving forward.

Keep a Journal of Positive Moments -- Read It!
When you feel really good about yourself or something you've done, make a note of it in the journal. Why it made you feel good, how it makes you feel good, and what feelings you're experiencing as you write it. When worthlessness hits, read this journal! It will remind yourself that you have great moments of doing things that make you feel good. This helps you understand that you are not worthless, that you can and have done things that make you feel wonderful, and that all is not lost.

Do Something Nice For A Friend

One way to make you feel worthwhile when you're feeling down is to do something nice for someone else. Maybe a friend needs help moving, or needs a hand dealing with a specific situation. Find something nice that you can do for someone else, spend time helping them do that thing, and realize that helping others gives you a sense of self-worth. That person will appreciate the help and you will get a sense of self-worth that you were there to lend a hand.

These are just a handful of methods to try, and not every method will work for everyone, depression and worthlessness are different animals to different people, but give these a try and see what works best for you! Ideally something will strike a chord and you will find a way to slowly combat those feelings of worthlessness when they creep in.
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