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News and Updates

The latest news and updates for The Life Spot community.
We would love it if you could join us and welcome Kale to the team as a Community Moderator. We are super excited to work together and would love to extend a gracious thanks to Kale for agreeing to help us out. Welcome to the team, @Kale!
  • Kale
  • Thanks
Hi all, Just a heads up that we're moving TLS onto my server in the next little bit (we're talking the next couple of weeks, not immediately). There may be some downtime, but we will strive to keep it to a minimum! Following the move, Lee will be taking a hiatus from the site. He might still post here or there, but his activity will be...
  • PGen98
  • Good to see everyone making it over :)
On Monday 16th May 12:00 BSt - we will be undertaking a massive server move, where the website may become unavailable for up to 24 hours. We will be migrating to a new web hosting provider, but during the move, we will also be integrating some new features to the community, such as guides and resources and an image gallery. We will hopefully...
  • PGen98
  • Yep, they sure do, and it's wonderfully fast :)
We have enabled our new dark style for those who prefer a more muted appearance. If anybody notices anything that doesn't appear to be displaying correctly, no matter how trivial it might seem, could you please report it? It can be enabled and disabled as below: Hope everybody likes it.
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  • Loving the look of the dark theme, much easier on the eyes than the light theme. Thanks for...
Welcome back to the new and improved Lifespot. We have had a shift away from the traditional to try and reach as many people as possible going forward with a layout hopefully more familiar to the masses (social media!). We now have a much more simplified node tree, utilising prefixes for content organisation and identification. I know this...
  • V
  • Welcome back! I'm happy to be part of this now!