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How to update my account preferences and privacy settings..?

It's important to tailor your account and your information to your needs. Below is a breakdown of how you can update your preferences and privacy settings!

Step One: Click on Preferences under your settings menu.

Click on Preferences
As the image above shows, when you click on your settings menu, you will see numerous categories you can make use of. In this case, click on the "Preferences" link!

Step Two: Adjust your preference settings to fit your needs.

Customize your alert settings
Here you will see multiple preferences you can toggle and tweak to your needs!

Step Three: Select Privacy settings

Click on Privacy
From the same menu as before, this time select privacy!

Step Three: Privacy settings adjustments

Don't forget to save!
This is the privacy section, where you can adjust various privacy options to suit your needs!

Remember: After any changes, be sure to save!