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How to use search..?

The Life Spot has a robust search funtion that will allow you to find any content or search for any term easily and quickly. This is a guide on how to use this easy, very powerful feature.

Step One: Select the Search Link and Enter Search Terms

Let's search!
In the top right of every page you will see a Search link. Select this link and enter the search terms you wish to find, click on the Search button!

Step Two: Search Results

Look through search results!
That's it, you've just searched -- displayed now will be the search results, browse through and find what you need!

Note: "Search This Forum" and "Search This Conversation" Feature

One neat feature!
One neat feature you can use inside of forums or conversations is the "This Forum" filter, as seen in the screenshot above, you can select where to search, including narrowing the results down to just the forum or conversation you are presently viewing. A nice extra filter to make use of!