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How to reply to content..?

When you find something that you would like to respond to, it's important to know how to do that. Below is a guide on how to do exactly that!

Step One: Select Thread from Main Index or Enter Forums and Find a Thread

Find a thread you want to respond to!
If you see a thread on the main page of the site that you would like to read and respond to, select it, alternatively, you can enter the Forums and search until you find one that catches your interest.

Step Two: Respond and Submit

Respond and submit!
The next steps are simple -- enter your response to the thread and click on Post Reply. That's it, you've now responded to a thread!

You can also click on the "+Quote" or "Reply" links to quote someone's post in your response.

Note that if you click on "+Quote" on one or multiple posts you will need to click on "Insert Quotes" in the reply box in order for those posts to be inserted!