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How to start a new discussion...?

The Life Spot thrives on content posted in discussion threads and we would love to invite you to join us in posting new threads that we can respond to and engage with you in! Below is a guide on how to post discussions here on The Life Spot!

Step One: Select Post A Discussion or enter the Forums.

Click to Start A Discussion, or enter the Forums!
As illustrated in the image above, you can choose to post a discussion directly from the main page of the site or you can enter the Forums first.

Method One (Post A Discussion) Step Two: Select a Forum from the list to post your thread in.

Select a forum!
Assuming you selected the Post A Discussion button on the main page, you will be greeted with the pop-up menu in the above screenshot. Step two is simple -- select a forum you would like to post your thread in!

Method One (Post A Disucssion) Step Three: Enter your thread contents and post!

Post your thread!
Now that you have selected a forum, you will be taken to a page to post your thread title, enter your thread contents and submit your post. That's it, you've now contributed a thread to The Life Spot! You can add attachments, include a poll, or just post it as a discussion thread, all from this screen!

Method Two (Enter Forums) Step Two: Select to Post A Discussion or Enter a Forum

Post A Discussion or find the Forum you wish to post in!
Now that you've entered the forums, you can select the same Post A Discussion button and follow the steps above, or you can select a Forum from the Forum Index that you would like to post your thread in. Once you select a Forum, you will be taken to that forum's thread list.

Method Two (Enter Forums) Step Three: Post Thread Title and Contents.

Post thread contents and submit!
From here you select the "Thread Title" option and enter the title and thread contents and submit your post. That's it! You've just submitted a post to The Life Spot!