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Depression 4 year anniversary


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On Wednesday, it will be 4 years to the day that Ebony lost her fight to live, at the vets :(

a cancers had got into her tummy and lungs and highly suspected it had got up to her brain as well

i still miss my girlie, its never getting easier each year

I cant talk about her to Mum any more either cause Mum doesnt think i should still miss her, i have tears in my eyes now cause i cant stop thinking what i could of done to get just a little bit longer with her :(
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Aww, I'm so sorry it's the anniversary. I know how hard it is to lose a companion, one you love dearly. It doesn't get easier and you're right to still miss her. She's family, it's never wrong to still miss family. I'm always here for you! 🤗
i feel responsible for what happened to her, i know this sounds weird, but i hold myself responsible even for what she went through before rescue saved her and looked after her and rehomed her to us :(
No, it's not your fault in the least. You cared for her, loved her, gave her a good life. She knew that and she loved you for it. She'll always be with you, so keep those warm memories alive, you did well by her :)
Sorry to hear that. But as PGen mentioned, it's not your fault. I don't think it's wrong that you still miss her either.
Not in the least, you cared for her, you loved her, you gave her a great life. You didn't cause her to suffer, she knew that!
You are the furthest thing from that. You're a ray of sunshine that knows how to light up a room. He is a liar, you are wonderful!
Another word he really likes, after when i was 19 i got called it by a family member after driving instructor sexually abused me (not rape thank god) is hoe and i am not referring to the thing that lives next to the spade in the garden shed
No, you're definitely not a hoe. Being a victim of abuse does not make you promiscuous or mean you were "asking for it.". That's entirely on the instructor being a horrible, disgusting person, bit you. You did nothing wrong in that instance and you should not believe that you did.