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Back and Hip Pain


Staff member
I am really struggling with back and hip pain lately. Some days it means I can barely walk.

Getting an appointment at our doctors surgery is almost impossible.

Wondering if anybody has any recommendations for exercise or the like that have helped with lower back pain?
I have just completed an "e consultation" with my doctor surgery, let me see what they say!
Oh no!! That sounds absolutely awful! Have you tried a compression belt (like weight lifter's belt) or something similar? Often times compression/pressure can help, or even heat pads!
It depends on what the cause of the back pain is as to what exercises are recommended. Don't do anything until advised by a doctor or physiotherapist or you could do more harm than good. Once the cause has been identified then you can be advised on what you can do to mitigate it.
It's not an orthodox way to manage back pains but my grandfather used to make use of Cannabis to battle his back pain. I'm not saying that you should use it. You can try using Ibuprofen. It works for me.

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