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Games Bad Elf Game

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He drew a mustache, goatee and devil horns on every family member in the framed family pictures around the house then left the magic marker in the bed with little Bobby. It was the ultimate frame job!
He replaced mum's doctorate certificate with a fake printout, giving her a PhD in flatulence.
He enticed a skunk to come into the house and this is where Mom found it in the morning...

Such a cheeky Elf, drew on dad's face with sharpie in the night. Dad now sports an interesting moustache and glasses combo.
Elf is encouraging the Barbie dolls to perform a striptease :eek:
He stole Sally's Barbies and swapped them with Johnny's GI Joes, they're now living as a couple in Barbie's mansion while Barbie and Barbie are on the front lines!
He emptied several packs of Pop Rocks in the kitty litter pan and refilled the Pop Rocks Packs with kitty litter.
He swapped the labels on the dog food with the labels on the soup tins...uh oh!
Not open for further replies.

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