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Dealing with knee pain


New member
Do you suffer from knee pain whenever you either exercise or simply just walk around for a bit? If you do, what things help with the pain? I ask because my spouse has knee pain quite often, and I know their weight does play a factor in it but they can't exercise for long without their knees hurting. Is there any types of exercises that can help that won't be hard on their knees?
Yeah, my knees are ruined from sports when I was younger.

Some days just walking is painful now.
Hell yes, I almost bathe daily in Voltarol (Voltran in the US) on my knees. However, it's all age related with me, arthritis mainly. Just have to grin and bear it until the doc's decide it's time for knee replacement, and that's something to think long and hard about as I have seen both successes and dramatic failures with this procedure.
I use to suffer from serious knee pain when I was 23. It was as a result of the injury that I got when playing football. I stopped playing because of it and whenever I exercise heavily, I feel the pain.

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