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Move a lot as a kid?

Only moved three times when I was a kid and moved twice in the last ten years myself. It's a hell of an upheaval and especially if you have to downsize. I'd like to move again as the place I'm at now has deteriorated over the last few years, but at my age and with my ailments and disabilities I can't be arsed with all the troubles that come with moving; not to mention the cost.
As a kid I moved around a lot. My mom and dad were in a constant state of breaking up and getting back together. When they'd break up we'd move 100 miles away to my grandparents house. When they'd get back together we'd come back. I was always telling my classmates and friends in both cities that I was moving for good this time, but then I'd be back a month later. They stopped believing me after a while, then one day I was gone for good (from the one city) and here to stay (in the other city).

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