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Movies with mental health themes


New member
So you've got supernatural movies with a mental health theme such as the Unbreakable film series (Unbreakable, Split, Glass) but then you have movies focusing on suicide or other mental health themes. Do you enjoy watching these films?
I do not know about the movies you have mentioned but some of my best movies are based on mental health issues, for example, Girl Interrupted and One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest.
I genuinely try and avoid anything overly "mental health" related for fear of being triggered. 🙈
I love a good true story; they often make me realise just how lucky I am, and I often find them inspiring.

My sister's keeper
The other sister
Patch Adams
The odd life of Timothy Green

All worth a look :)
Patch Adams
Patch Adams is an amazing movie. It's still quite sad what happened to Robin Williams as I honestly didn't suspect much I felt a change to his performances later on before he passed but not enough of a change to know what was going on. He will always be missed.

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