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News: Boy felt pushed around asking for help


Staff member
I really relate to this. I had big problems with my mental health in the entry to my teens and throughout young adulthood. There are so many loopholes and ropes you are expected to jump over to access anything resembling a support service.

From my experience the bad therapists outweigh the good too.

Recently, I was told by a therapist that I wasn't going to get better because I wasn't "trying hard enough" and that the therapy wasn't working because I "wasn't ready yet". Not that she delivered inappropriate cognitive therapy to somebody who wasn't capable of rationalising it in their current mind frame. No further help offered - "come back when you are willing to try" was my advice.

Mental health support in general is woefully lacking. I can't speak for the UK, as I wasn't in need of mental healthcare during my time there (well, I probably was, but I wasn't aware of it enough to seek it), but here it's terrible, ESPECIALLY if you're LGBTQ+. It legitimately took me 39 rejections before I got someone who would help me. Now I have two therapists and psychiatrist, and I feel...ok-ish...with them, but it does feel like there's a struggle to find real help out there.

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