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Depression Oh man!


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I felt so depressed and lonely yesterday. I am so glad I feel much better today! It's weird how depression can just come out of nowhere like that and hang around for a day or two but then just goes away. I guess I'm lucky that it seems to leave me as fast as it comes. I found that for me anyways, the best thing you can do is just wait it out before you go crying about it to everybody. Of course I realize that many people struggle with it much worse than I do but it still totally sucks when it decides to take ahold of me.

Anyways, I hope you are all feeling ok with the holidays coming on again and all. Have a Merry Christmas too if I don't see you before then! 🙂
I'm glad you're feeling better, yes, it does suck when it comes on out of nowhere and takes a hold. Horrible thing, depression.
Depression has many root causes, some we can recognise and deal with as best we can, others are more deep rooted and can be very elusive. Look for, where you can, potential triggers; especially if your thoughts are drifting and get caught in an emotional current. This happens to me at specific times of the year when my thoughts move to times past and loved ones lost, and then there are certain songs that spark a memory, certain smells, and just hearing from people not heard from in a while. The list can be endless, but the good thing is that the depression will lift and that's something to look forward to and even that line of thought can quicken it to an end.

Keep the faith and never give in (y)
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I’m glad you are on the way up, I think that when you hit rock bottom sometimes all you can do is wait it out. For me, that is often the only solution. Hopefully you get a nice long spell of happiness now. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas. 🤗

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