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Panic Attacks Sleeping issues


Staff member
I have recently been having trouble sleeping, I keep waking hourly and having VIVID night terrors, which literally result it my JUMPING out of bed mid panic attack. Just yesterday I literally climbed over my wife in a rush to get out of the bed because I thought something was crawling all over me. I could literally feel my skin crawling.

This has started happening since the Dr reduced my anti depressant medication, which is a necessary evil as it isn't doing its job in treating my anxiety so I need to try another...but gosh I am now so tired all the time. Constantly falling alseep throughout the day - it is impossible to get anything done!

Most days I lay awake until 3/4am frightened to sleep incase I have a nightmare, then I get up at 7.30 to take the children to school and have a little half hour nap on the sofa - but that doesn't really help with the exhaustion. :(
Have you looked into your diet as well? When we are down, we tend to not eat the best. Sometimes a food intolerance can cause non-gastro issues such as insomnia, anxiety, brain fog. If I eat gluten/ wheat, I don't feel the best physically but also mentally. It's like I'm in that fog.
I'm so sorry you're experiencing these night terrors, Lee, they're definitely not a fun thing to go through! I hope the change in medication will help that once it happens. I'm something of an insomniac because I just can't sleep properly (I work on about 3-4 hours a night, unless I'm struggling, then it's 2 hours or less), so I absolutely understand the exhaustion, and how pointless those little naps really are when you're exhausted. I hope you can work with your doctor to get things sorted and get yourself a good night's sleep again!