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What did you do for self care today…?


Staff member
It is important for us to look after ourselves. But sometimes we can be so busy we forget just to take a minute and do some self care.
This thread is for us to keep track of our self care for the dya.

Today is something simple for me, I spent 1hr in the bath alone before being pestered by children. Just myself and the quiet, soothing, hot water.
I made myself a nice lunch that I really enjoyed and I'm awaiting a delivery from Amazon. I just keep calm and carry on; the alternative is not worth thinking about, so I don't think about it.
Working is one of my best routine which I have always used to take care of my body and general health. I workout 2 or 3 days in the week. I also workout lightly at home too.
I just ordered Premium Saw Palmetto Capsule to see if it will help stop me having to get up 3/4 times a night to pee. Apparently, it has to do with reducing the size of an enlarged prostate, a common ailment in men as they get older. Hopefully, it will work so I can get a proper night's sleep lol.

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