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Food, Drink & Holistic Living

Talk about food, drink and living holistically within this section.
Has anybody ever experienced an absolute falling out with food? There is nothing that takes my fancy. Nothing that sounds or tastes nice. I don't want to eat at all. I am so sick of pretty much eating the same things over and over again, I have put myself off the idea of eating!
  • Kale
  • I have with certain foods before, yes. I've never completely fallen out with food, no.
TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of junk food and your favorite, least favorite, etc... . . . . Do you guys have a favorite or least favorite junk food? What is it? For me, I'll eat most junk food within reason. I like candy and chocolate the most, though. Snickers, Twix, and so many other things.
  • Kale
  • TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of junk food and your favorite, least favorite, etc... . . . . Do...
Fast food has become a staple in many people's diets due to its convenience and affordability. What are some of your favorite fast food places? What do you like and dislike about fast food?
  • Kale
  • Same here. I eat it more often than anything. Same with just take out be it from a local diner...
Hey picky eaters! Welcome to the picky eaters club. What foods do you just not like or cannot stand? I am a picky eater as an adult and never ate veggies, but eat some fruits.
  • Kale
  • Yup, hate lumpy mashed potatoes but love them otherwise. I am a big potato fan. lol
Do you guys drink energy drinks to try and boost your energy levels? Does it work for you?
  • Kale
  • Yep. I drink them on occasion but mostly zero sugar ones.
Eating food is one of the activities that keep man going. Sometimes, I wonder how life would have been, if we couldn't eat food when we wish to. However, are there some sets of food that you avoid because you feel weak after taking them?
  • Kale
  • Diabetic here and other health issues. Not weak no. It depends on what I eat, but if I do my...
Does anyone order takeaways through delivery services such as Uber Eats and Just Eat? And if so, have you ever had a bad experience?
  • Maul
  • We have a thing in New Zealand called Deliver Easy and Menu Log I've used. I don't really like...
There are some medical experts that claim that drinking alcohol can be dangerous to one's health. I have seen people that drink alcohol living happy and fine. This makes me wonder, what these experts mean when they advise against drinking alcohol.
  • Ravenfreak
  • Too much alcohol is dangerous, having it in moderation is fine. I don't drink often because my...
Do you grow your own vegetables? If you do what vegetables do you grow in your garden and how long have you been growing your own vegetables? In this day and age where food prices continue to sky rocket, it makes sense to grow your own crops.
  • Dave
  • I used to have an allotment, but with my age-related ailments I wouldn't be able to lift a spade...
I have a couple of friends that said they prefer ordering meals from restaurants instead of making at home. To me, I enjoy homemade meals instead of buying from outside. Which one do you like?
  • L
  • I hate cooking, but when I make something that I know is good, wow, I really enjoy it. My...
Do you tend to drink fizzy drinks regularly? I used to, although not every day like some other people. Right now, I probably have a bit of Coke once a month, if not less.
  • Lee
  • Best way! Same as me. Nice and strong too. Favourite brand?
Do you like to frequently order takeaways? Or do you try to focus more on homemade meals to ensure you're healthy and saving money?
  • A
  • Do you like to frequently order takeaways? Or do you try to focus more on homemade meals to...
Eating together is highly recommended in our culture. Every family in our society always tries to eat lunch and dinner together. In case, it is not possible for everyone to sit together to eat launch and dinner every day, they will at least try to eat dinner together. Eating together also means a great time for family communication which is...
  • A
  • It's not something we do every single day but eating together is definitely good
So here's a question -- if you had to change the way you ate, the food you ate, and the times at which you ate to accommodate health conditions, how would you approach it. Slowly, one bit at a time, or would you go all in and change everything instantly hoping you can adjust to it?
  • A
  • Changing your habits slowly would make the most sense. I think trying to change your ways right...